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Columns Bring the Attraction of Ancient Greece or Rome to Your Project

Each of our decorative columns give home owners and builders the look of classic Roman, Greek or Italian design with the structural support to last. Each column we produce is handcrafted by our professionals to correctly duplicate the style of tapered architectural columns found in Greek and Roman architecture. We fashion them to be consistent with beautiful Italian columns In addition, they can be used in both interior and exterior functions.

Our architectural columns are guaranteed with our limited lifetime warranty. All of our architectural columns are sound structurally according to the American Society of Civil Engineers as they live up to or exceed testing parameters. Each of our columns also conform to all residential and commercial standards, so our products can be installed on a range of buildings. They are available in diameters of 6 to 36 inches and in heights of 5’6″ up to 30 feet, depending on the architectural style you select. Split columns and tailored made cuts are available.

Our Decorative Columns Provide Proven Strength and Beauty

All in all, Timeless Architectural’s decorative columns are more structurally sound as compared with a number of conventional materials. Our unique mixture of fiberglass reinforced polymer composite performs better than steel, aluminum and concrete. Every Timeless column is fungus-free, waterproof, insect-resistant, and impervious to extreme weather. So they are effectively maintenance free. And each individual piece passes strict quality specifications to ensure you are getting a high-quality column..

If you are searching for columns made out of wood, Timeless Architectural has a connection of both paint-grade and stain-grade possibilities. Each of our paint-grade decorative columns are manufactured of top-quality softwood lumber and are crafted with tongue and groove construction. Our stain-ready decorative columns are offered in various finishes: cherry, hard maple, mahogany and red oak. Whatever your structural design, Timeless carries columns available in a style that will match your overall architecture.

Our Exceptional Decorative Columns are Crafted in Georgia

Every one of our columns are produced in our facility north of Atlanta, Georgia.. We are focused on producing products that have a smooth, flawless that is maintenance free. Each piece is sanded by hand by our skilled team to ensure all seams are completely concealed. We delight ourselves in making columns that offer customers a cost-efficient way to add an amazing touch to any building or home.

If you’d like to add old world beauty to your building, whether the interior an external application, we invite you to browse our collections of columns to find the right product for your needs. Our selection of columns can be found in square accent, round accent, classic square, and classic round. Our round wood columns can be found in tapered or non-tapered styles, with either a smooth or fluted finish. All of our products can be purchased throughout the United States by contacting Timeless Architectural directly.

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