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Decorative Architectural Column Capitals Set Your Architecture Apart

Great looking capitals beautify the visual appearance of any kind of home or commercial project. Decorative capitals are a great way to top off any type of column with your personal style. Timeless Architectural’s capitals are all inspired by the pattern of Greek, Rome, and the European Renaissance. Our architectural capitals are made in a number of styles to meet the requirements of both home owners and commercial builders, and are crafted by hand to guarantee a quality surface each and every time.

Columns Deliver Time-honored Architecture to Your Building

Timeless Architectural’s decorative architectural columns make for a striking finishing polish to any project that is exceptional in both design and quality. Each column is beautifully crafted by our professionals to accurately reflect the appearance of tapered architectural columns. We fashion them to stay true to the scale of classic Italian columns..

Our architectural columns are guaranteed with Timeless’ limited lifetime warranty. Our columns are sound structurally by the American Society of Civil Engineers given that live up to or surpass all testing requirements. Our columns conform to all residential and commercial building criteria, for that reason our products may be used on a range of buildings. You can select columns 6″ to 36″ in diameter and in heights of 5’6″ up to 30 feet, depending on the architectural style selected. Additionally we provide custom cuts and split columns if that’s what you need.

Timeless Columns Provide Proven Strength and Elegance

All in all, Timeless Architectural’s decorative columns are proven to be stronger structurally than a number of traditional materials. Our proprietary mixture of fiberglass reinforced polymer composite performs better compared to concrete, steel and aluminum. Every Timeless column is fungus-free, waterproof, insect-resistant, and impervious to extreme weather. So they are just about maintenance free. And each piece passes serious quality control guidelines to ensure you are purchasing the very best possible product.

For visitors who are looking for wood columns, Timeless Architectural offers paint-grade and stain-grade wooden selections. Each of our paint-grade decorative columns are manufactured from select softwood lumber and are crafted with tongue and groove stave method. In addition, our stain-grade decorative columns can be found several finishes: cherry, hard maple, mahogany and red oak. Regardless of the structural design, we have columns to choose from in a style that will beautify your architectural design.

Made in the USA, Our Columns Are Made by Hand in Georgia

Every one of our columns are crafted in our headquarters north of Atlanta, Georgia.. Located north of Atlanta, our company is focused on manufacturing the very best columns which have a flawless that will last a lifetime. Each column is sanded by hand by our professionals to ensure the seams are totally unseen. Our team takes pride in producing stunning and functional columns to satisfy any design.

Timeless Has a Variety of Column Capital Styles to Suit Specific Tastes

Timeless offers architectural capitals in a wide selection of shapes and styles. Every style we have developed is derived from beautiful architecture and includes patterns such as: Greek Angular & Erectheum, Roman Doric, Corinthian & Ionic, Empire, Temple of the Wind and also Modern Temple. Our capital sizes vary from 6 inches to 30 inches, and we consistently make new sizes to expand our product line. Our capitals can be ordered in round, square, or flat (for pilasters) depending on the shape and size of your decorative columns.

Our decorative capitals incorporate old-world charm with modern materials to create a product that is both attractive and structurally sound. All of our decorative capitals meet or exceeds performance tests from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and they are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty. We urge you to peruse our column capitals here on our website and pick the style that fits your needs. All of our capitals come with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to save on builder charges and ensure a seamless installation process. Save money today by purchasing directly from Timeless Architectural.

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