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Classically Manufactured Balusters for Any kind of Taste

All of Timeless Architectural’s balustrades are hand-crafted to ensure a high caliber finish that lasts. If you purchase from us, you can be assured that you are buying the very best balusters in the marketplace.At Timeless we create the very best, luxury baluster systems that are a perfect fit to a wide range of ball caps and columns. Each one of our balusters display intricate design and unique architectural details that may not be available elsewhere. They can be set up in both straight and curved (radius) applications, as well as on your rooftops and stairs. Plus, they can be easily mounted on a number of common surfaces including brick, stone, wood, concrete, composite decking, columns and siding.

Our Balusters Create a Exceptional Look for Every Design

Our Cambridge brand offers a delightful silhouette that works well with Neo-Classic, Greek Revival and English Manor architectural design. It is our most well-liked baluster and aligns with commercial and residential standards, and the are a great solution for rooftop installations, stair applications and half baluster requirements. Our own Huntington brand is a favorite choice with regards to residential properties. It’s best recognized as beautiful as well as stately, with fresh detail in addition to European styling that truly stand out. At Timeless we offer the Huntington line in extended in addition to regular baluster heights along with top and bottom railings.Our Jefferson line has a unique squared-off teardrop contour that is reminiscent of classic American architecture and a refined Federal design. Ideal for your classic American home, this line is a dynamic collection of balusters that can be installed in stair, radius, and linear elevations at various heights. Charleston, Savannah, and Lexington spindle balusters make up our other classic American collections.. Each of these spindle systems are flexible enough to use in a number of residential buildings. Do you have a commercial building? Take a look at the Savannah collection.Included are balustrades in commercial height, extended commercial height, and roof top system height.

Unique Balustrade Structures from Georgia

Our balusters all include a lifetime limited warranty. Regardless whether you are attempting to find classic American-style columns or the look and feel of dramatic classic architectural design, our balusters are an ideal beautifying touch for your business or residence. We would love for you to look through our numerous collections to locate the perfect size and style to meet your needs. Our products are obtainable throughout the United States and North America by reaching out to Timeless Architectural directly.

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