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Decorative Column Capitals Present an Exceptional Architectural Focal Point

Architectural capitals beautify any residence or business. Architectural capitals are a perfect way to finish your columns with your individual preference. Our architectural capitals are all modeled after the pattern of Greek, Rome, and the Renaissance in Europe. They are made in a number of styles to meet the requirements of both individuals and contractors, and are crafted by hand to guarantee a perfect surface each and every time.

Timeless Architectural designs each of our capitals to be trouble-free and simple to install. Our decorative capitals are set apart from the competition by their clear details and precise casting that can also be custom made to suit your unique space. When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a high caliber architectural element. Our products will provide both a visually appealing design and a durable support for your structure.

Timeless Architectural Capitals Come in a Variety of Styles to Match Your Columns

Timeless offers architectural capitals in nine specific styles and three different shapes. Every design we have developed is based upon classic architecture and consists of designs such as: Greek Angular & Erectheum, Roman Doric, Corinthian & Ionic, Empire, Temple of the Wind and also Modern Temple. The sizes of our decorative capitals vary from 6 inches to 30 inches, and we regularly make new sizes to enhance our product line. Timeless decorative capitals are available in square, flat (for pilasters) and round, based on the size and shape of your decorative columns.

Timeless Architectural’s decorative capitals combine classic beauty with innovative materials to create a product that is both beautiful and functional. Every capital meets or exceeds performance requirements from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. We encourage you to check out our collections of architectural capitals on our website and select the one that is right for your structure. All of our capitals come with easy, step-by-step installation directions in order to help reduce contractor fees. Save money today by purchasing directly from Timeless Architectural.

Elegant Columns from Timeless Provide Maintenance-Free Beauty and Functionality

Timeless Architectural’s columns are more structurally sound as compared with quite a few traditional materials. Our composite made from fiberglass reinforced polymer is a more solid choice than steel, aluminum and concrete. Every Timeless column is moisture-resistant, fungus-free, resistant to bugs, and not subject to extreme heat and cold. This makes them essentially maintenance free. Each column passes exacting quality control specifications to ensure that you’re purchasing the very best possible product.

If you’re shopping for columns made out of wood, Timeless Architectural offers both stain-grade and paint-grade wooden choices. Each of our paint-grade columns are manufactured from select softwood lumber. In addition they are crafted with tongue and groove stave method. In addition, our stain-grade decorative columns are available several finishes such as cherry, hard maple, mahogany and red oak. Whatever your structural design, Timeless carries columns to choose from in a style that will enhance your architectural design.

Our Beautiful Columns Come Direct from the Manufacturer in Georgia

Every one of our decorative columns are crafted in our headquarters north of Atlanta, GA.. We are devoted to manufacturing the very best columns that have a flawless and is maintenance free. Each column is hand sanded to make certain all seams are entirely imperceptible. Our team takes pride in making superior decorative columns.

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