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Beautifully Constructed Commercial Railings

We offer a large range of commercial railing systems with the height flexibility to meet the requirements for residential and commercial construction codes – including extended commercial heights. Our balustrade systems are distinctive as they combine current technology and classic finishes. These balusters are created from a proprietary blend of marble fiberglass reinforced polymer composite. In other words they will not crack, split or rock. Our balusters are also resistant to harmful insects and can withstand severe weather – making the entire system virtually maintenance and repair free. Our baluster systems are truly created to stand the test of time. And their hardiness also makes them and excellent choice for customized residential and commercial plans.

Our Commercial Railings Provide Flexible Architectural Selections

The contour of our Jefferson Line is uniquely designed with a squared-off teardrop shape a signature look belonging to typical American architecture and a refined Federal design. This line includes a versatile collection of balusters, that are perfect for your classic American home and that can be used in stair, radius, and linear elevations in a variety of heights. Charleston, Savannah, and Lexington spindle balusters make up our other classic American collections.. Our spindle systems are adaptable enough to use in a wide range of residential buildings. For commercial needs, included in our Savannah collection are balusters in commercial height, extended commercial height, and roof top system height.

Grand Balusters manufactured On-Site in Georgia

Each one of the commercial railing systems are constructed of top quality components – crucial for both residential additions that stand the test of time and heavy duty business applications. Our balustrades meet or exceed structural performance tests from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and they also come in a full range of profiles to ensure that every project is up to code. Also included with every baluster system are easy to follow, step-by-step tutorials to assist with do-it-yourself installation.

No outside contractor is needed to improve the look of your home.Our balustrades are all backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to find standard American-styled columns or maybe the look and feel of dramatic old-world architecture, our railing systems create the ideal decorative touch for your home or commercial site. We invite you to read through our large inventory to find the perfect balustrade to meet your preferences. All of our baluster systems are made available all across the United States and North America by contacting Timeless Architectural directly.

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