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Decorative Railings Create Stunning Architecture

Architectural Railings accent detailed architectural detailing for porches, decks, balconies, porticos and rooftops. Our Architectural Railings provide a captivating, cosmetic feel to assist with building a custom-made space to look classically American or uniquely modern. We offer top of the line, lavish balustrade systems that fit perfectly to a wide range of ball caps and columns. Each of our railings present with exceptional detailing and appealing architectural features that you may not find anywhere else. Our decorative railings can easily be put in straight and curved (radius) applications, in addition to on stairs and rooftops. They can also be mounted with ease on many different surfaces such as brick, stone, wood, concrete, composite decking, columns and siding.Timeless Architectural’s railings are unique in that they display traditional designs and the latest technology. Our newel post and railing systems are created from a specific blend of marble fiberglass reinforced polymer composite. In other words they are not going to crack, split or rock. Our railings are additionally effective against aggressive pests and can withstand cold and heat – making everything practically maintenance and repair free. Our decorative railings are in fact created for a lifetime of use. Beyond that their resilience additionally makes them a perfect selection for unique residential and commercial designs.

Timeless Railings Adorn Commercial and Residential Design

At Timeless we offer unique lines of railings to meet a wide range of design styles. Each unit is sanded by hand to achieve a smooth finish without observable seams. The decorative railings we manufacture weigh less than old-fashioned stone and concrete railings, nonetheless provide the same support strength with superior longevity. Our goal is to add elegance and longevity to each and every architectural railings. In addition, we provide extended railings as well as half railings to make certain that every single installation is up to code.The Timeless Cambridge brand offers a delightful contour that looks great with Greek Revival, English Manor and Neo-Classic architectural design. The Cambridge baluster is our favorite balustrade and complies with commercial and residential specifications, and the are a great solution for roof-top purposes, stairs in addition to half-baluster applications. Our own Huntington line is a top-rated choice for residential homes. It’s best described as elegant as well as stately, along with fine detailing and European styles which truly stand out. At Timeless we provide the Huntington line in regular in addition to extended baluster heights as well top and bottom railings.Our Jefferson line has a unique squared-off teardrop contour that is reminiscent of time-honored American architecture and a refined Federal design. Perfect for residential homes, this line is a versatile collection of railings that can be used in stair, radius, and linear elevations in a variety of heights. Charleston, Savannah, and Lexington spindle railings make up our other classic American collections.. Each of these spindle systems are flexible enough to use in a number of residential architecture. Have a commercial building? Check out the Savannah collection.It includes railings in three commercial heights that may interest you, including roof top systems.

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