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Decorative Column Capitals Present a Unique Architectural Focal Point

Great looking capitals beautify the visual appeal of any type of residential construction or commercial building. Architectural capitals are a perfect way to beautify your columns that is specific to your personal preferences. Timeless Architectural’s capitals are all modeled after the design of Rome, Greek, and the European Renaissance styles. Our decorative capitals come in various patterns to meet the needs of both property owners as well as contractors, and are crafted by hand to guarantee a perfect finish each and every time.

Timeless Creates Column Capitals that Match Every Single Style

Timeless Architectural makes architectural capitals in nine specific styles and three unique shapes. Every single form we have developed is based on designs such as: Roman, Greek, Scamozzi, Modern Temple, and Temple of the Wind. The sizes of our decorative capitals vary from 6″ – 30″, and we regularly make additional sizes to increase our product line. Our capitals can be ordered in round, square, or flat (for pilasters) based on the configuration of your decorative columns.

Our capitals incorporate traditional charm with innovative materials to create our capitals which are attractive and functional. Every capital satisfies or exceeds performance assessments from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and they are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty. We encourage you to peruse our architectural capitals here on our website and pick the style that is right for your structure. All of our capitals come with simple, step-by-step installation directions in order to help save money on builder costs. Get in touch with us today to purchase our decorative capitals nationwide.

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