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Column Capitals Produce Stunning Attractiveness

Great looking capitals improve the style of any type of residential or commercial building. Decorative capitals are a perfect way to beautify any type of column that is distinct to your personal tastes. Our decorative capitals are all modeled after the architecture of Greek, Rome, and the Renaissance in Europe. Our decorative capitals are made in various shapes to meet the requirements of home owners and commercial builders, and are hand-crafted to make certain a top quality surface each and every time.

Our architectural capitals have the same load bearing capacity as the column, ensuring they are a reliable option for your structural support. Our column capitals are produced with a proprietary blend of fiberglass marble reinforced polymer composite. Distinct from polymer plaster, the capitals we design will not crack or deteriorate as time passes. In addition they are also insect resistant as well as resistant to mold and intense weather conditions – which actually will make them practically maintenance free. Our products are exquisite, solid, and have seamless finishes guaranteed to last a life time.

We design each of our capitals to be completely trouble-free and simple to mount. All of our column capitals meet commercial and residential construction standards and are ideal for your custom home designs. Our column capitals are set apart from our competitors by their clear fine details and strict casting that can also be specially designed to match your unique space. When you decide to purchase from us, you can be sure you are purchasing a high caliber architectural component. Timeless Architectural’s products will provide a decorative touch and a sturdy support for your structure.

Find Our Full Line of Time-honored Italian Columns for Any Application

Our columns give property owners and contractors the look of classic Greek, Italian or Roman design with the conveniences of current technologies. Each column is handcrafted to precisely reflect the design of tapering columns. At Timeless, we form them to be consistent with traditional Italian columns In addition, our columns are perfect for both interior and exterior uses.

All of Timeless Architectural’s columns are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty. Our columns are sound structurally according to the American Society of Civil Engineers as they meet or surpass all performance testing criteria. Our columns also comply to commercial and residential building criteria, therefore our products can be installed on numerous buildings. You can choose columns in diameters of 6 to 36 inches and from 5’6\” to 30′ tall, based on the architectural style you select. Split columns and tailored made cuts are also available.

Good-looking Columns from Timeless Provide Maintenance-Free Beauty and Function

Timeless Architectural’s decorative columns are more structurally sound when compared to a range of traditional materials. The mixture of fiberglass reinforced polymer composite we use is a more solid choice when compared to concrete, steel and aluminum. Every Timeless column is fungus-free, moisture-resistant, insect-resistant, and impervious to extreme weather. So they are effectively maintenance free. And each piece passes strict quality standards to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality column..

If you are searching for wooden columns, Timeless Architectural has a selection of stain-grade and paint-grade wooden choices. Each of our superior paint-grade decorative columns are made from select finger-joint softwood lumber and are crafted with tongue and groove stave construction. In addition, our stain-grade decorative columns are offered in a variety of finishes such as cherry, hard maple, mahogany and red oak. Whatever the structural design, we have columns to choose from in a variety of styles which is able to beautify your architectural design.

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