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Time-honored Architectural Design with Decorative Porch Railings

Timeless Architectural offers a wide range of porch railing systems with the flexibility of height to meet the requirements for all residential and commercial construction codes – including extended commercial heights. All of our balustrades are hand-crafted to guarantee a high caliber look that will last for decades. When you make a purchase from Timeless Architectural, you can be sure that you are investing in the top outdoor decorative railing systems .

Timeless Porch Railings Present Eye-catching Detailing Selections

Timeless Architectural offers several collections of residential and commercial porch railings to suit a wide range of personal tastes. Each piece is hand sanded to an even, cultured, marble-like finish with no observable seams. The railings we manufacture weigh less compared to traditional stone or concrete systems, yet offer the same structural reinforcement with better longevity. Our priority is delivering both quality as well as longevity to each balustrades. We also carry full baluster systems and half-size balustrades to make certain that every project is up to code.Our Jefferson line has a unique squared-off teardrop contour a signature look belonging to classic American architecture and a graceful Federal design. This line includes a versatile collection of architectural railings, that are perfect for your classic American home and that can be installed in stair, radius, and linear elevations in a variety of heights. Our other classic American collections include Charleston, Savannah and Lexington spindle porch railings. Each of these spindle systems are flexible enough to use in all kinds of residential architecture. And for commercial needs, included in our Savannah collection are balusters in commercial height, extended commercial height, and roof top system height.

Elegant Architectural Railings Straight from Atlanta

Every one of our products are manufactured from premium quality components – vital for both resilient industrial applications and for a long-lasting addition to your classic american home. Our balustrades meet or exceed structural performance tests from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and they come in a full range of profiles to ensure that every project is up to code. Every baluster system also includes straight forward, step-by-step instructions to help savvy homeowners install the products themselves. There is no need to hire an outside contractor to improve your home’s architecture.Timeless Architectural’s railings are all guaranteed by a lifetime limited warranty. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for standard American-style columns or maybe the look and feel of grand old world design, our decorative porch railings create an ideal aesthetic touch for your business or residence. We would love for you to browse through our substantial stock to find the perfect style and size to meet your preferences. Each of our items are made available throughout the United States and North America by talking to Timeless Architectural directly.

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