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Decorative Railings Bring Strength and Beauty to Architecture

Timeless Architectural offers a selection of decorative railings as part of our balustrade systems. Our beautiful railings are perfect for a number of structures although they are often used on porches and decks. Each of our railings is designed to be attached to virtually any surface including round columns, exterior walls, newel posts, or any other location you would like to improve. They come with both top and bottom pieces, and are hand sanded for a smooth finish.

Our decorative railings are a superior choice over stone or polyurethane because they cost less and are more durable. They are made of our proprietary mixture of marble fiberglass reinforced polymer composite that is proven to be just as strong as traditional materials. They were designed to withstand high temperatures, weather extremes, and insects. They will also not crack, rot or split – making them virtually maintenance free. And when you make a purchase, they are typically available within three to four weeks so you can enjoy your new railings as soon as possible.

Timeless Architectural’s railings are a stunning addition to balusters and will elevate the overall look of your architecture. They can be installed in both residential homes and commercial buildings, and they bring a timeless feel to your structure. All of our railings meet residential and commercial code requirements and are designed to work with all seven of our balustrade styles. They can also be installed on rooftops or used in conjunction with ball tops and newel posts.

Designing Top Quality Railings that Will Last a Lifetime

Our railings are specially designed to butt into a wall, post or column and to provide a finish that is beautiful and long-lasting. Like all of Timeless Architectural’s products, each of our railings is covered by a limited lifetime warranty when they are installed properly. Every set of railings also includes easy step-by-step instructions to help savvy do-it-yourselfers install the products themselves. No skilled carpenters or masons are required.

Timeless Architectural’s handcrafted products are produced at our headquarters just north of Atlanta, Georgia. We are committed to offering the highest quality architectural components that combine traditional charm with modern technology. Each of our designs is original, and the possibilities for improving your structure are endless. We invite you to browse our website for more information about or selection of railings and to contact Timeless Architectural directly to make a purchase. We ship products across all of North America to a variety of homeowners, builders, and designers who are looking to upgrade their architecture.

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