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Residential Balusters Show Off Gorgeous Architecture

We offer a varied range of balustrades with the height flexibility to meet the requirements for both commercial and residential construction codes – including extended commercial heights. Timeless Architectural offers top-quality, luxurious balustrade systems that are compatible with a wide variety of columns and ball caps. Each one of Timeless Architectural’s balusters present with multifaceted design and distinguished architectural features that may not be available anywhere else. Our balustrades can be set up in straight and curved (radius) applications, as well as on rooftops and stairs. What’s more, they can be mounted with ease on many different surface types such as wood, brick, stone, concrete, columns, siding, and composite decking.

Our Timeless Baluster Systems Create a Distinct Appearance for Each Structure

At Timeless Architectural we provide a variety of lines of baluster systems to meet a large array of personal tastes. Every individual unit is hand sanded to an even, cultured, marble-like surface with no visible sections. They are lighter weight in comparison with old style stone or concrete structures, nonetheless give precisely the same structural strength that lasts longer longevity. Our priority is delivering both quality in addition to longevity to your structure. We also carry extended baluster systems in addition to half-size balustrades to make certain that each job meets requirements, meet required codes.The Timeless Cambridge brand offers you an exquisite silhouette that beautifully compliments English Manor, Neo-Classic and Greek Revival architectural design. The Cambridge baluster is our favorite baluster and aligns with both residential and commercial standards, and more than that, it can be used for roof-top applications, stairs in addition to half baluster applications. Our own Huntington product line is a top selection for residential properties. It is best recognized as classic as well as stately, with the use of decisive detail in addition to European styles which truly stand out. At Timeless we provide our own Huntington brand in extended in addition to regular baluster heights as well bottom and top railings. Our Jefferson line has a unique squared-off teardrop contour that is reminiscent of classic American architecture and a charming Federal style. This line includes a versatile collection of balusters, that are perfect for your classic American home and that can be used in stair, radius, and linear levels in a variety of heights. Our other classic American collections include Charleston, Savannah and Lexington spindle balusters. Our spindle systems are versatile enough to use in a number of residential buildings. Have a commercial need? Take a look at the Savannah collection.Included are balusters in commercial height, extended commercial height, and roof top system height.

Luxury Balusters made On-Site in Georgia

Each of our lavish items are all handmade and manufactured on location at Timeless Architectural’s headquarters in Cumming, GA (just north of Atlanta). Since 1996, strived to supply the very finest, virtually maintenance-free baluster systems that hold up to extreme cold or heat and the effects of time. Our balusters are additionally a preferred alternative to polyurethane and cast stone. Our balusters are much more cost-efficient, and also they can be installed more easily than those using traditional materials.Each of our products are crafted from superior materials – a must-have for both resilient business applications and for a long-lasting improvement to residential homes.

Our balustrade systems meet or exceed structural performance tests from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and they also come in a full range of profiles to ensure that every project is up to code. Also included with every system are straightforward, step-by-step instructions to assist with do-it-yourself installation. There is no need to hire an outside contractor to improve your home’s architecture.Timeless Architectural’s balustrade systems are all supported by a lifetime limited warranty. Regardless whether you’re in search of classic American-styled columns or maybe the feel of grand classic architecture, our own balustrade systems produce the perfect aesthetic accent for any business or residence. We invite you to look through our large stock to locate the perfect baluster style to meet your preferences. Each of our baluster systems are obtainable all across North America by contacting Timeless Architectural directly.

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