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Column Capitals Produce Timeless Beauty and Splendor

Decorative capitals add to the style of virtually any residential or commercial building. Decorative capitals are a perfect way to finish your columns with your individual preference. Timeless Architectural’s column capitals are all inspired by the pattern of Rome, Greek, and the European Renaissance. Our capitals are available in various shapes to meet the needs of both property owners as well as contractors, and are hand-crafted to make certain a high quality finish each and every time.

Timeless Architectural designs every single capital to be completely worry-free and simple to install. Our line ofcolumn capitals meet commercial and residential construction standards and are ideal for your custom home designs. Our decorative capitals are differentiated from our competitors by their decisive fine details and precise casting that can also be specially designed to match your unique space. When you make a purchase from us, you can be assured that you are picking a quality architectural element. Timeless Architectural’s products will add both a decorative touch and long-lasting structural support for your structure.

Our Decorative Capitals Are Made in a Number of Styles to Accent Your Decorative Columns

Timeless manufactures architectural capitals in a range of shapes and styles. Every form we have created is based upon well-known architecture and is comprised of styles such as: Decorative Roman Doric, Empire, Greek Angular Ionic, Greek Erectheum, Modern Temple, Roman Corinthian, Roman Ionic, Scamozzi and Temple of Wind. Our decorative capital sizes vary from 6\” – 30\”, and we consistently make additional sizes to boost our product line. Timeless decorative capitals are available in square, flat (for pilasters) and round, depending on the size and shape of your columns.

Timeless Architectural’s capitals incorporate classic charm with modern materials to construct a product that is both beautiful and functional. All of our decorative capitals meet or exceeds structural performance tests from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and our products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. We urge you to check out our collections of capitals online and choose the style that is right for your structure. Every product comes with complete, step-by-step directions that will help reduce contractor charges. Reduce your costs today by purchasing directly from Timeless Architectural.

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