Newel Posts & Decorative Railing

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Newel Post & Railing Systems Accent Stunning Architecture

Architectural Railings create distinctive styling for decks, balconies, porticos, porches and rooftops. Our Railings provide a one-of-a-kind, decorative feel to help build a custom-made space to look classically American or uniquely modern. We offer a wide selection of decorative railings with the versatility of height to meet all commercial and residential construction requirements ā€“ including extended commercial heights. We offer the highest quality, grand balustrade systems that are a perfect fit to a wide variety of columns and ball caps. Every one of our railings feature multifaceted design and unique architectural aspects that you may not find elsewhere. Our decorative railings can easily be mounted in both straight and curved (radius) applications, in addition to on stairs and rooftops. Along with that, these railings can be mounted with ease on many different standard surfaces such as brick, stone, wood, concrete, composite decking, columns and siding.

Our Timeless Architectural Railings Enhance Commercial and Residential Design

Timeless offers a variety of lines of decorative railings to meet a variety of preferences. Every individual unit is hand sanded to achieve a smooth finish with no observable seams. They are lighter in weight compared to old-fashioned stone or concrete railings, nonetheless give the same structural reinforcement with enhanced longevity. Our priority is to give style coupled with being longevity to each and every architectural railings. In addition, we provide full railings as well as half-size railings in order that each job is up to code.The contour of our Jefferson Line is uniquely designed with a squared-off teardrop shape that is reminiscent of elegant American architecture and a refined Federal design. Excellent for your personal residence, this selection is a versatile collection of railings that can be installed in stair, radius, and linear elevations at various heights. Our other classic American collections include Charleston, Savannah and Lexington spindle railings. All of these spindle systems are flexible enough to use in a wide range of residential architecture. And for commercial needs, included in our Savannah collection are commercial height railings, extended commercial height railings, and a roof top system height.

DecorativeĀ Railings Straight from the Manufacturer

Our luxury items are all handmade and fabricated in-house at Timeless Architectural’s headquarters in Cumming, Georgia (just north of Atlanta). Since the beginning of our company in 1996, strived to craft high quality, practically up-keep free decorative railings that will hold up against extreme weather and the effects of time. Each of our railings are likewise an alternative preferred over cast stone and polyurethane. Our railings are much more affordable, and they avoid the complex installation process of traditional materials.Timeless Architectural’s railings all include a limited lifetime warranty. It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting to find standard American-styled columns or the look and feel of grand old world architectural design, our newel post and railing systems produce the perfect decorative touch for your business or residence. We would love for you to have a look at our large inventory to locate the right size and style for your unique needs. Each of our items are obtainable all across North America by reaching out to Timeless Architectural directly.

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