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Architectural Railings Show Off Gorgeous Architectural Styling

Timeless Architectural offers state of the art, grand balustrade systems that fit perfectly to a wide variety of ball caps and columns. Every one of Timeless Architectural’s railings feature exceptional detailing and unique architectural elements that you may not find elsewhere. They can be installed in curved (radius) and straight applications, as well as on rooftops and stairs. Additionally, Timeless Architectural’s railings can be easily mounted on many different surface types such as brick, stone, wood, concrete, composite decking, columns and siding.Our decorative railings are distinctive in that they display old style designs with modern day technology. Our railings are fashioned from a specific blend of marble fiberglass reinforced polymer composite. Meaning that they won’t rock, crack or split. Our railings are additionally effective against insects and can hold up against extreme weather – making everything practically maintenance and repair free. Our newel post and railing systems are honestly made for a lifetime of use. And their durability additionally makes them and excellent selection for unique house projects.

Our Decorative Columns Add Strength and Beauty

Timeless Architectural’s columns are proven and tested to be structurally stronger in comparison with a range of traditional materials. The mixture of fiberglass reinforced polymer composite we use performs better compared to steel, aluminum and concrete. Every Timeless column is fungus-free, waterproof, insect-resistant, and impervious to extreme weather. So they are effectively maintenance free. All of our columns go through strict quality control specifications making sure that you are getting a high-quality column..

If you need wood columns, Timeless Architectural has a selection of paint-grade and stain-grade selections. Each of our paint-grade columns are crafted of top-quality softwood lumber. In addition they are crafted with tongue and groove stave method. Our stain-ready decorative columns are available in a variety of finishes: red oak, hard maple, mahogany and cherry.. Whatever the structural design, we have columns available in a variety of styles which is able to enhance your design.

Our Distinctive Decorative Columns are Crafted in Georgia

Our distinct columns are diligently manufactured at our company headquarters in Cumming, Georgia.. We are proud of our products and are devoted to producing products that have a seamless and will last a lifetime. Each piece is sanded by hand by our professionals to ensure that any seams are totally invisible. We pride ourselves in making industry leading architectural columns.

If you’d like to add classic beauty to your commercial or residential project, no matter inside its walls as a part of the outside design, we invite you to let us help you identify the ideal column to meet your requirements. Our selection of columns are offered in square accent, round accent, classic square, and classic round. Our round wooden columns are available in both tapered or non-tapered styles, and with a smooth or fluted exterior. Call us today if you would like more info about our architectural columns.

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