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Beautiful Capitals Create a Customized Style

Architectural capitals enhance your home or commercial building. Architectural capitals are a great way to top off any type of column that is unique to your personal tastes. Our capitals are inspired by the design of Rome, Greek, and the European Renaissance styles. They come in a number of styles to meet the needs of homeowners and builders, and are crafted by hand to ensure a top quality surface every time.

We Create Column Capitals that Match Every Single Design Style of Architecture

Timeless offers architectural capitals in a range of shapes and styles. Every design we manufacture is based upon patterns such as: Roman, Greek, Scamozzi, Modern Temple, and Temple of the Wind. The sizes of our capitals range from 6\” – 30\”, with additional sizes continually in development. Timeless decorative capitals are available in square, flat (for pilasters) and round, depending on the characteristic of your decorative columns.

Timeless Architectural’s capitals merge classic charm with modern day materials for our capitals which are both attractive and functional. All of our decorative capitals meet or exceeds performance assessments from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and more than that, each one is guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty. We would love for you to peruse our collections of column capitals online and choose the size and style that is right for your structure. Our products come with easy to follow, step-by-step guidelines to save money on contractor costs and guarantee a seamless installation process. Give us a call today to purchase our capitals nationwide.

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