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Enhance the Look of Any kind of Design

The decorative columns we manufacture make for a striking final touch to any project that is truly extraordinary in quality and design. Each column we produce is handcrafted by our professionals to correctly duplicate the appearance of tapering architectural columns found in traditional Greek and Roman design. We form them to be consistent with the proportions of classic Italian columns..

All of Timeless Architectural’s products are backed with our limited lifetime warranty. They are proven to be sound structurally by the American Society of Civil Engineers due to the fact that meet or exceed all testing requirements. Our columns comply to all commercial and residential codes, for that reason they can be used on various projects. You can choose columns in diameters of 6 to 36 inches and in heights of 5’6″ up to 30 feet, depending on the design style selected. Additionally we provide split columns and custom cuts to meet your specifications.

Elegant Columns from Timeless Give You Maintenance-Free Beauty and Long lasting Support

Pound for pound, Timeless Architectural’s decorative columns are demonstrated to be stronger structurally as compared with a range of traditional materials. The mixture of fiberglass reinforced polymer composite we use is a stronger choice compared to steel, aluminum and concrete. Our unique columns are also fungus-free, moisture-resistant, insect-resistant, and impervious to extreme weather. This makes our columns essentially maintenance free. And every individual piece passes exacting quality standards to guarantee that you’re purchasing the very best possible product.

Our Unique Architectural Columns are Crafted in Georgia

If you’re looking to add traditional elegance to your project, no matter the interior an external application, we encourage you to let us help you identify the perfect column to meet your requirements. Our inventory of columns can be found in classic round and square as well as round and square accent. Our round wooden columns are offered in both tapered or non-tapered variations, with a smooth or fluted finish. All of our products can be purchased throughout North America by contacting Timeless Architectural directly.

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